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Presence of Gallstones

With gallstones, one pebble-like calcium deposit can knock around inside your gallbladder like one piece of popcorn dancing inside of a bag. However, that kind of two step in your body might barely be felt, no matter the severity of the stone. Of course, without symptoms it's hard to figure when one of these stones could impact your body.

These deposits can range from microscopic, like a grain of salt, to the size of a plum. Since causes such as pregnancy and birth control pills have been linked to these stones, they have proven more prevalent in women than men. Obesity and age, however, can also be reasons. Cholesterol can factor into gallstones, since the bile used to move cells via water can mix with cholesterol, a fat, about as good as oil.

 If you have a stone, then it could point to other diseases, such as gallbladder cancer, as well as ruptures or inflammations. In these cases, because of the presence of gallstones, you might need to have your gallbladder removed. To better help the bile in your gallbladder move cells along, find holistic wellness in fruits and vegetables compared to foods that can elevate cholesterol or blood pressure.

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Words from our In House Expert

dr.-dave-bordered.jpgDr. Dave States: One of my favorite products for slowly dissolving gallstones is Stone Free.  This is a great product to change the ph of the kidneys and help dissolve the stones.  Many other kidney support and gallstone support items are site wide.  Alkalization is also a key.




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