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Kidney Infection | Kidney Failure

Kidney failure is a disease commonly known between doctors as kidney infection. The medical term for this disease is pyelonephritis and it can lead to kidney stones which are extremely painful. Kidney failure is not usually met between people because you must have an infection in your blood that will affect your kidney to cause this disease.

Kidney infection can be lethal if it is not treated on time because it may lead to a dangerous gram of negative sepsis. Kidney failure can also be cause by any blockage of the urinary tract. Kids who are born with abnormal ureters can suffer from this disease at a very young age. This disease is very painful on the side where the kidney is infected and requires an aggressive treatment.

This disease must be treated very fast, from the moment when you felt the first symptom, otherwise leads to complications or death.

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Words from our in House Expert:

dr.-dave-bordered.jpgDr. Dave States: When posed with a kidney infection you can approach it from the medical antibiotic treatment or create alkalization within the system to starve out the infection.  Cranberry juice that is unsweetened is the best natural choice as well as taking alkalizing products.  Creating support for the kidneys and the urinary system are key components to proper elimination of the infection.  It is all about proper system chemisty.  Andrographis from metagenics is a great thing to clear infections.  D-mannose is a great sugar that the cells do not utilize and makes the urine creates a tephlon like quality to the epithelial cells.


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