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Joint Damage | Acute Arthiritis

Joint Damage can be a form of arthritis that is caused by bacterial infection with the body joints most susceptible to this infection. If not managed well, it can cause permanent joint damage. Symptoms of acute arthritis include; chills and fever and one may experience swollen, red and painful joints that make movement very difficult. This condition is caused by the invasion of the joints by streptococci bacteria which may spread from the skin or from other areas of the body to the joints. There are also cases where these bacteria could enter the joint by trauma caused to the joints through injury.

For evaluation of this condition, you will need to visit your doctor for diagnosis and treatment. This may involve physical examination, blood tests as well as analysis of fluids drawn from the joints. In some cases, an x-ray may be done for further evaluation of the situation.

Treatment for this condition includes use of antibiotics if diagnosed early. If treatment is delayed, then this condition could cause permanent joint damage. During treatment, the joints may be immobilized in order to promote healing.

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Words from our in House Expert:

dr.-dave-bordered.jpgDr. Dave States: Excessive wear and tear in the large joints of the body is common among athletes and certainly the elderly.  Glucosamine and chondroiton sulfate are two key components on feeding the joints with proper growth factors.  Lubrication is often supplied by these products as well with addition to having plenty of Omega 3,6,9's in the body at all times to feed the ligaments and tendons.  Many different joint formulas are given sitewide.  Silica mineral is another one that can create a glossy mineral basis to the joint region.

Acute arthritis develops faster within days or even hours and affects both children as well as adults. You should seek medical attention as early as possible when faced with this condition.

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