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Internal Bleeding

Every  year thousands of people die because of an internal bleeding. It might be slight or severe. Slight bleeding often leads to bruises while severe bleeding leads to shortness of breath, decreased blood pressure, fatigue, pain, and blood excrement. If you observe any of these symptoms you will have to the ER as fast as possible.

Internal bleeding must be treated immediately, and unfortunately sometimes it is lethal. This type of bleeding it is commonly met between people who suffer different accidents and are hit by hard stuffs which affect their internal organs. The most important thing is not to move somebody who suffers from internal hemorrhage.

Unfortunately, people realize they suffer from internal hemorrhage only when it is too late and there cannot be done anything to save them. The most important thing in these situations is speed; everything must be done as fast as possible to close the internal wounds.

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Words from our in House Expert:

dr.-dave-bordered.jpgDr. Dave States: Internal bleeding is considered an emergency and should be addressed medically ASAP!  Many different causes such as trauma, or weak organs, or even a weak vascular system can be the cause of this problem.  Feeding the vessels and the vascular system in general are the main nutritional needs place by the body.  L-arginine products are good for feeding the cell walls of the vessels to heal properly as well as proper clotting factors in the hemoglobin. 


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