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Insomnia is the incapacity to fall asleep or to sleep without waking up during night.
It is a sign that the body needs to relax more after dealing with intense, intellectual activity, stress or strong emotions like anger. This inability of falling asleep may also be the main symptom of physical diseases, heart disease, asthma, febrile diseases, bronchitis etc.
In order to prevent insomnia, it is recommended to:

  • organize your schedule; wake up and go to sleep at the same hour
  • go to bed around 10 pm
  • avoid intense activity before falling asleep
  • try to reduce coffee and alcohol, because 10-15 percent occurrences of this body disturbance are due to coffee, alcohol, sedatives and drugs.
  • do not sleep near DC appliances (computer, radio or TV connected) because of the risk of harmful electromagnetic fields.
  • have a light dinner;
  • avoid energizers after 7 pm;
  • sleep on mattress that should be neither too soft nor too hard, but comfortable.
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Words from our in House Expert:
dr.-dave-bordered.jpgDr. Dave States:  Our brain is typically the main culprit of insomnia.  Making sure that you get enough cardiovascular exercise in the day is the best perscription.  Many different product sitewide address sleep with things like melatonin and other combination to calm the system to allow it to sleep properly.
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