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Infections - Bacterial - Viral

Infection :
When an organism gets into an individual's system and causes problems, it is called as infection. Some diseases are caused by infection. The infection organisms are Virus, Bacteria and fungus.

Viral Infection :
Depending on the virus as well as the person's health, it may affect any part of the human body from brain to skin. This type of infection is difficult to treat because viruses live inside of body cells, so they are protected from medicines. Some symptoms are mild fever, headache, vomiting etc. Some viral infections are influenza, HIV etc

Bacterial Infection :
Dehydration ,Fast breathing, fever will be the signs and symptoms of this infection. Depending upon the seriousness, antibiotics might be prescribed to that particular person. Antibiotics drugs can kill bacteria or it will eventually stop reproducing it. Some bacterial are tetanus, sepsis and whooping cough.

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