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I Have Fatigue

If you suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome, then you might be suffering from a lack of vitamins and nutrients in your body. Many times you have told yourself by the middle part of a workday, "I have fatigue," but this syndrome can go beyond a general sense of drowsiness. After all, what is perceived to be the common cure, more rest, does not cure this ailment.

 Symptoms can range from total exhaustion, even after little activity, to soreness and headaches. If you have another illness, such as pneumonia, then it can trigger chronic fatigue syndrome. Pneumonia is one of many respiratory problems that can limit breathing ability, hence a feeling of tiredness.

Some believe it isn't even a syndrome, taking it from a medical condition to more of a psychological problem, since one cause is depression. Either way, the wide range of symptoms are mostly based on common medical problems. If you continue to tell yourself, "I have fatigue," then you could suffer from chronic fatigue.

Stay on the lookout for ways to find happiness, as well as increase energy levels. This can happen through a holistic approach. Take time to meditate on good memories with friends and family, or plan new memories with the people you love. These kinds of good vibrations can help you break the constant fatigue.

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Words from our In House Expert

dr.-dave-bordered.jpg   Dr. Dave States: This is a simple condition of overall depletion of both the nervous system and the energy systems of the body.  Adrenal support products to start the process of helping build the bodies reserves is advised.  Also getting in plenty of B-complex vitamins from Pure Encapsulations is one of great companies on our site for this essential.  Cogni Sure and St. John's Wort with Folate and B12 both from Metagenics are great ways to boost your energy and immune system.


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