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Our bodies maintain a relatively stable core body temperature by attaining an equilibrium between heat loss and heat gain. For instance, when it gets cold, your body stimulates body metabolisms that produce heat. However, failure to do so results in hypothermia. This is a condition characterized by core body temperature less than 37 degree Celsius. As the temperature falls, the body shunts away blood from major organs like your skin except the brain, lungs, kidneys and the heart.

Fortunately there are several natural ways to reduce the occurrence of symptoms like shivering, vomiting and reduced pulse associated with this medical condition.

Herbal tea

This is a great natural remedy that delivers instant relieve to hypothermic patients. It's prepared from a pinch of ginger and taken when it is warm to stimulate blood flow hence increase in body temperature. Do not take it when it's hot.

Vitamin B

This is the best natural remedy to patients nursing post hypothermia attacks. You are therefore advised to pace up your diet using foods rich in vitamins, especially vitamin B. This vitamin helps in quick recovery of damaged metabolisms and augments your core nervous system.

Product Category Recommendation: Multivitamins

Words from our in House Expert:

dr.-dave-bordered.jpgDr Dave States: More energy and creating a little more activity internally is going to be the best resolve in heating up the body.  Many different exercise products can produce heat in the body, but nothing works better than activity and creating more energy within the system.


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