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HPV - Genital Warts

HPV/Genital Warts is the most common STI in USA. It is a health problem associated with collection of viruses that cause wart on the genitals. They may appear in either small or large sizes or singly or multiple in one area or many areas. It is caused mainly by

Skin to skin contact with an infected person
Sexual intercourse with an infected person

Vaccination by gardasil can protect infecting this problem. It is also important to have protected sex to prevent getting the problem through sexual intercourse.

This is a viral problem and, therefore there is no direct treatment or cure. In most times, many people do not have this problem because the body immune system has the ability to keep the problem in check. However, it is advisable to seek doctor assistance if you notice unusual growth or skin changes near the vagina, penis, groin or anus. A doctor can remove them or give several treatment options.

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dr.-dave-bordered.jpgDr. Dave States: This viral insult to the body has to be approached from many different viewpoints.  First, by metabolizing the viral aspect by the proper anti-viral enzyme combinations is a good long term solution.  Many different ointments and oils are available to dampen the effects on the skin and eventually suffocate the problem.


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