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Hives are nothing but a disease which raises red wounds on the skin. Hives can be referred as Urticaria in medical terms. This might happen due to some allergic substances. This will lead to itching and redness of the skin. Urticaria can be caused by various reasons. Hives can be caused mainly because of the food substances and at times due to medications. Foods that cause this disease are chocolates, tomatoes, fish, milk, eggs, etc. Insect bites and pollen might also cause this disease. Rarely, illness, emotional stress, extreme exposure to the sun might cause this disease.

It is also said that nearly 20% of people suffer from Hives in their life time. In most of the cases, this disease might not stay for longer time. It appears on the skin as allergy and disappears in a few hours. The redness appears on specific areas especially on the face, chest, hands, legs, etc. Generally, no treatment is necessary for this disease since it disappears at once. If it prolongs for more than a day, then it is advised to visit a doctor.

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Words from our in House Expert

dr.-dave-bordered.jpgDr. Dave States: Hives are typically toxicity trying to leave the body as well as excess heat.  Cooling the system with proper alkalization is the first step to cleaning up this problem.  Over acidity is the primary reason the skin reacts this way by trying to push it out.  Terramin clay on the rash itself and alkalizing agents within the body are some of the best solutions naturally. 


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