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Heat stroke refers to when the body's temperature exceeds 40 degree centigrade. At this high temperature, the body undergoes a form of hyperthermia, and can be fatal if medical emergency treatment is not administered promptly.

Heat stroke is caused when the environment is just too hot and there is not enough thermoregulation taking place in the body; factors which inhibit the body's natural mechanisms of thermoregulation include: stimulants, alcohol, caffeine and medications. Old age also causes physiological changes which predisposes an individual to getting a heat stroke. Young people too may suffer from heat stroke especially when engage in prolonged physical activities like in athletic or military activities.

You can avoid getting a heat stroke by wearing light clothes, which are not dark colored and are loose-fitting, stay away from direct sunlight, use air conditioning system in poorly ventilated rooms, drink enough amount of cold water and avoid heavy meals including too much alcohol and caffeinated drinks.
In the event a person is suffering from heat stroke, the treatment would be rapid cooling the individual accompanied by the standard resuscitation measures to be applied. You should insert the patient in a bath tub of cool water but not cold water.

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Words from our in House Expert:

dr.-dave-bordered.jpgDr. Dave States: Once you are to the point of heat stroke things have gotten very serious and sometimes will need medical intervention.  Slowly cooling down the body is an easy way to bring it back to center just like good ole hydration.  The more water the better and alkalizing the body as fast after the attack is proper for calming the body.  Wet towels on the head and chest and legs is a good way to bring someone down to temperature. 


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