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Heat Rash

Heat rash is a problem associated with a humid and hot weather condition. It is caused by excess release of sebum from the underlying subcutaneous layer on the human skin. Some people refer to this condition as 'summer rash' which is accompanied by small reddish eruptions appearing on the skin surface. This condition is highly common with toddlers although mature people may also suffer especially during humid and hot weather conditions.

Medics have managed to come up with the medical term for this condition and it is known as miliaria. It manifests itself in three categories depending on the specific point at which the sweat glands are clogged. These are Miliaria Crystallina, Rubra and Profunda.

Among toddlers, this skin condition is caused by overdressing the toddler, a general hot and humid environment or even other associated medical complications like fever. The symptoms of heat rashes are simple to identify, they include minute pink itchy bumps, burning bumps on the skin, painful eruptions, blocked pus on the bumps and fever which is associated with chills.

Patients can consult the doctor for medical solutions. But still yet, it's important to prevent this problem by not overdressing the baby, and keeping them dry and clean.

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Words from our in House Expert:

dr.-dave-bordered.jpgDr Dave States: Heat rash comes from that toxicity of heat and the inability for the body to cool itself typically irritates the skin to the point of a rash.  Terramin clay is a great way to pull this heat out of the rash and putting natural lotions on the skin to rehydrate the tissue is one of the best ways to cool down this hot spot.