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Headache, characterized by pain in head is a common health issue reported among people under all age groups. As per studies, headache can be generally characterized into two as primary and secondary. Tension headache and migraine headache are two common headaches reported among primary headache troubles. Secondary headaches can occur as a result of any underlying condition. Stroke, brain tumor and meningitis are three common causes reported for the occurrence of secondary meningitis. Apart from the above specified causes, a secondary headache can be also caused due to withdrawal from caffeine products.

Studies say that low level of riboflavin and magnesium can act as a cause of headache troubles. Hence people suffering from headache are advised to include a good amount of magnesium and riboflavin rich food items in their diet schedule. Engaging in relaxation therapy is another safe cure recommended to treat headache. Deep breathing and meditation are two common relaxation therapies recommended by health experts across the globe.

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Words from our in House Expert:

dr.-dave-bordered.jpgDr. Dave States: Headaches can come from many different things.   One being a subluxation of the upper cervical vertebrae causing improper pressure on the brainstem and spinal cord.   Relieving this with a good chiropractor is key.  Nutritionally there are also many causes of headaches such as to much sugar, or a depletion in nutrients in the body.  Simple dehydration or low oxygenation can also cause this common problem.  We have many combinations made to reduce the neurolgical load on the system sitewide.


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