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Graves Disease

Graves disease is an autoimmune disease affecting the thyroid, that small gland located in front of the neck that produces T3 and T4 hormones whose function is to regulate how the body uses energy. When a person suffers from this disease, his immune system produces antibodies that act like thyroid stimulating hormones (TSH) causing the thyroid to produce more thyroid hormone than the body needs. As a result, every function of the body speeds up. This is the reason why people suffering from Graves disease experience rapid heartbeat and their body metabolism is increased.

Other symptoms of this disease include an enlarged thyroid or goiter, difficulty in sleeping, irritability, heat sensitivity and excessive sweating, thinning of the skin, frequent bowel movement, weight loss without dieting, and fatigue. The disease can also cause the patient's eyes to bulge as the tissues behind the eyes become inflamed. It also causes reddening and thickening of the skin especially in the shins and the top of the feet.

Both men and women and get afflicted with the disease however there are a higher percentage of women in their 20's and 30's who get the disease. Most often than not, those who are diagnosed with the disease have family members who are also suffering from thyroid and other autoimmune diseases.

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dr.-dave-bordered.jpgDr. Dave States: This is a glandular problem involving the thyroid and the parathyroid.  Feeding the system some glandular support for the thyroid is essential.  The thyroid tissues is always looking for the proper food in which we typically do not get out of a normal diet.  Thyroid support is from a various different companies sitewide.

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