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Gout is a painful medical condition caused when excess uric acid is builds up around joints and soft tissues of the body in form of needle like crystals. This build up causes inflammatory arthritis that result in pain, swelling, heat and tenderness of the affected joints. This condition usually affects the big toe but it may affect other joints such as the knees, elbows, fingers and ankles as well.

It mainly affects men but women are more susceptible to this condition after menopause. Gout may be caused by over-consumption of foods rich in purines, Lead exposure and alcohol consumption. Too much alcohol interferes with removal of uric acid in the body causing the excess acid to crystallize in the joints. In older people, renal insufficiency which is the inability of kidneys to remove waste products is a common cause. Other medical conditions such as high blood pressure and hypothyroidism contribute to high levels if uric acid in the blood. Research has also shown that people with the problem have a family history of the disease.

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Words from our in House Expert:

dr.-dave-bordered.jpgDr. Dave States: This is a chronic uric acid overload to the system.  Many different products that are key for gout can be found sitewide.  Uric acid cleansers and overall alkalization is key to long term success.  Major need to consistent water is also key in flush out the uric acid.  Dark cherries, and other natural combinations can make it easy to clear out gout.  Diet is the most important.

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