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Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD)

Pyrosis better known as heartburn, the most characteristic and relevant symptom of GERD is an ailment most individuals have experienced on an infrequent basis as a result of acidic foods, overeating, or improper eating habits such as eating on the go. Although heartburn is the defining symptom of the illness, not everyone with heartburn can be accurately diagnosed with Gastro Esophageal Reflex Disease. Although sporadic heartburn does occur as a result of acid reflux, the disorder itself is a chronic condition.

Gastro Esophageal Reflex Disease can be distressing for sufferers in that not only is it uncomfortable, it has the potential to progress into more serious ailments if not properly monitored and managed correctly. Esophageal inflammation as a result of GERD if left unmonitored can be cause for complications ranging from peptic ulcers, to precursor esophageal strictures.

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Words from our In House Expert:

dr.-dave-bordered.jpgDr. Dave States: This is due to the overacidification of both the food and the consumer creating a reaction such as this.   Using digestive enzymes is a key to helping this calm down.


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