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Fibroids Diagnosis

Fibroids are not cancerous, which comes as probably the most welcomed of any news regarding these growths. They can develop in or around the womb, and are common for most women, even if they are causing little to no discomfort, or are barely seen. Overall, the biggest concern from these could come in various forms of irritation.

About the only link known to fibroids is with estrogen. If you are going through menopause, thus experiencing lower estrogen levels, then chances are few to have these kinds of tumors. You are also less likely to get these if you've had children, and if you develop fibroids before entering your first pregnancy, it's rare that it can cause trouble with your child birth.

Certain symptoms could include cramps around the pelvic area, as well as longer periods and constipation. If you have a fibroids diagnosis, then you might not need any treatment. If they begin to cause problems, then a holistic approach could be your best bet. Try to find stress-free activities, such as a picnic with friends and family, that can help relieve any elevated blood pressure that can bring about uterine growths.

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Words from our In House Expert

 dr.-dave-bordered.jpg  Dr. Dave States: This is once again a chemistry problem.  Make sure that you properly alkalize and energize the tissues through cleansing and nutrifying.  Plenty of alkalizing agents are available daily, something as simple as apple cider vinegar is a good one to ingest to alkalize the system.  Many different vitamins and minerals also help to feed the female organs through nutritional support.


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