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Fatigue is also known as an extreme feeling of tiredness or weakness which can incapacitate a person's natural ability to perform regular tasks. Its manifestation can vary among individuals which can leave others feeling too tired they would prefer to sleep all day. It may also be accompanied by pain and can make some people seem unable to have control over themselves.

Some types, such as the Chronic fatigue syndrome lasts longer which happens together with other symptoms including sore throat, joint and muscle pains, lymph nodes, headaches and memory lapses or distorted concentration. Physical tiredness can be felt usually at the end of the day, while emotional weakening may be strongly felt in the morning but goes down as the day progresses. In severe cases, a person may need a doctor who can diagnose the cause of this extreme tiredness. It can range from physical to psychological factors and will require specific types of treatment.

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Words from out in House Expert:

dr.-dave-bordered.jpgDr. Dave States: General fatique can be from many physiological and psychological factors.  The main reason for fatique is overuse of the adrenal and the endocrine system in general.  Proper endocrine support is critical in boosting the adrenals and kidneys both equally.  Proper vitamins and mineral combinations will boost the immune system and the vital systems in general.

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