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Dizziness is a medical condition characterized by a feeling of weakness, unsteadiness and faintness. It makes you feel as if your surrounding is continuously spinning. However, this type of dizziness that causes the feeling of spinning or movement is quite often referred to as vertigo. Dizziness is not a life threatening condition but can interfere with your daily activities.

However, there are several holistic supplements and herbs that can help dizziness.

Ginkgko Biloba
This is a traditional Chinese herb that has been used for years to treat memory and circulatory disorders. However, according to a recent research, Ginkgko Biloba has been found to be very effective in treatment of dizziness and inner ear disturbance. It works best when taken as a daily supplement.

Initially, ginger was used as a treatment for nausea which is a side effect associated with extreme dizziness. Researchers have recently reported that ginger is the most effective alternative treatment for dizziness. You can chew ginger or take it as a supplement.

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Words from our in House Expert:

dr.-dave-bordered.jpgDr. Dave States: There are a couple different spots that will create dizzyness.  In the medical world it is all about the tiny crystals floating around ing the semicircular canals giving the brain a sense of dizzyness.  Nerve entrapment behind the jaw and below the ear is a significant cause of feedback in the nerve.  Chiropractic is essential in evaluation of the upper cervical vertebrae and cranial function.  Feeding the nervous system with good Bcomplex vitamins is also critical.

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