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Diseases of the Blood System

Diseases of the blood system take on several different forms.  Diseases can be present in red blood cells, which are the body’s oxygen delivery system; white blood cells, which fight infection in the body; or in the platelets, which are essential to the clotting of the blood.  There are also blood disorders that affect the liquid portion of the blood, known as plasma.  Diseases of the blood can range from relatively mild to life threatening, depending upon the ways in which the affect the body’s other systems.

Anemia is one common disease of the red blood cells.  Anemic patients do not have enough red blood cells which can causes fatigue, pale skin, and shortness of breath.  There are many different forms of anemia, which all have different affects upon the body.  Diseases of the white blood cell often manifest as various cancers.  Lymphoma and leukemia are both cancers that affect white blood cells.  With diseases that affect platelets, clotting factors are affected.  Too few platelets make patients susceptible to bleeding out, even with mild injury.  Too many platelets can cause dangerous clots, which can be fatal.

Dealing with diseases of the blood effectively requires a holistic approach .  Holistic, simply meaning seeing the person as a whole rather than as pieces and parts to be treated individually, means that not only the blood will be addressed, but all of the many systems connected to it.  Natural health products can support a patient dealing with diseases of the blood system; and can improve outcomes by restoring greater overall health.

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A Word from Our In House Expert

dr.-dave-bordered.jpg  Dr. Dave States: 
L-arginine is one of the best products to feed the overall blood system where many disorders can affect the body.  Feeding the blood system with many different vitamins and minerals is key to helping our blood carry oxygen and nutrients to the systems of the body.





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