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Diabetes in General

Diabetes in general affects all of us. What used to be a disease more prevalent in adults has now become a factor in children and young adults, especially ones who have become more sedentary thanks in part to video games, computers and smart phones. Nevertheless, it still most affects older people, who might not be able to exercise or eat well enough to maintain proper insulin. New cases are being found in more middle age adults.

Poor diet remains a focal point among all who suffer from diabetes. Even with healthier food choices, but consumption of sugary soft drinks, your body could still have problems connected to the disease, such as kidney failure. At its worse, diabetes can become a slow death, taking away feeling from various limbs, which leads to amputation, and even less blood flow throughout your body. There's also the increased chance of stroke and blindness.

Much like HIV and AIDS can render your immune system powerless to even the common cold, this disease can make it more likely to get heart disease. The prevalence of diabetes is even more alarming in places with obesity and high poverty. If you are able to sustain even moderate exercise, then that's a solid way to take a holistic approach to better health and away from diabetes in general.

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Words from our In House Expert

dr.-dave-bordered.jpg   Dr. Dave States: Diabetes is growing every day in our world mainly due to the excessive sugar intake. First thing to concider is the reduction of this insulting chemical to the body.  Regulating Insulin is a much needed function of the body and it's chemistry.  People have been known to solve their own diabetes by dieting alone and most certainly by proper herbs supplements and vitamins that support the pancreatic function.


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