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Diabetes during Pregnancy

Gestational diabetes can make any mother have cause for concern. When you are caring for more than yourself, and through pregnancy that is more vital than ever, then you can't take chances with your overall health.

We all need insulin, and you can multiply that when carrying a child. There are many complications that can arise while with child, and one of those could be a decrease of insulin. If your pancreas is not able to handle the added responsibilities, then there might not be enough glucose for two.

Since there are little to no symptoms, it's important for you to get a glucose test within the first few months of the pregnancy. If you are obese, then it's possible you are already living with diabetes. If you are healthy and then obtain diabetes during pregnancy, then it's likely it will be gone upon child birth.

You can remain or a diet and exercise regimen that protects against diabetes but also does not negatively impact your child. Diabetes during pregnancy does not have to be a constant worry when you take a holistic approach. Organic foods can give you more energy as well as better blood support, allowing you and your baby to get the needed insulin.

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Words from our In House Expert

dr.-dave-bordered.jpg   Dr. Dave States: During pregnancy you are obviously working for two,Therefore, the body has some trouble regulating its glucose use and insulin production.  Realizing that your diet while pregnancy is a key to healthy mom and baby health.  Proper pancreatic and kidney support during this phase is critical in gestational diabetes.



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