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Dementia Disorder

An Alzheimer's diagnosis does not have to limit your present life. The dementia disorder does cause a steady decline in mental skills and memory, but there are treatments to spurn immediate effects. It is difficult to pinpoint the causes of Alzheimer's disease, but it's important to notice any early signs associated with the affliction.

While it is more prevalent in the elderly, Alzheimer's can occur in middle age. We all have some memory lapses at times, but recognize any symptoms if it becomes more common. Any differences in decision making, problems with thinking and speaking, changes in behavior, and just routine tasks could signal the early stages of this dementia disorder. This could be more than just increased frustration with old age, since many seniors can live longer, healthier lives into their 80s or more.

One way to maintain a positive outlook for an Alzheimer's patient is to provide a shoulder to lean on, if you are helping a loved one through the disease. Attempt to maintain as normal a life as possible, and try to avoid introducing them to new environments. Keep the person in touch with family and friends, and any memories that can offer a laugh and smile. Positive energy can go a long way.

You can maintain such positive energy by taking a holistic approach to Alzheimer's disease. To treat an entire disease means thinking in a holistic fashion. This is a mind disease, and to help the mind could include time to meditate and allow positive thoughts to better stay in consciousness. As it appears that this disease strips recent memories from the Alzheimer's patient, be sure to provide reminders about times when the patient was younger, and look for smells and sounds that will trngger old memories to help keep a connection with the patient.

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Words from our In House Expert:

dr.-dave-bordered.jpg  Dr. Dave States: This long progressive disease can strike anytime, and it is estimated that it will grow to afflict as much as 50% of the elderly over 80.  It is being viewed as an epidemic that will continue to invade our national consciousness, and has the potential to become the costliest disease known to medicine.  Theories abound about the cause of this malady, and pharmacutical companies are working diligently to discover a cure, with disappointing results.

As an Alternative Medicine practitioner, I want you to know what is on the suspect list of causes of this disease, and steps that you can take that may mitigate the horrific damage that can occur to the mind.  Be sure to study the known knowledge about glutamates, so you can make your own decisions about their affect on your brain, also, take the initiative to investigate other suspected causes, such as heavy metals and inflammation.  Although the causes are in dispute, loss of nourshing blood circulation in the brain appears to be the culprit for the massive brain tissue deterioration that occurs, and we want you to avail yourself of everything that has been studied.  The positive effects of physical and mental exercise, and a balanced diet that includes generous amounts of fruits and vegtables cannot be overstated.  

We also recommend some supplements that may be valuable for your brain.  Feeding the brain with high levels of omega fats from Nordic Naturals can be a great choice to help the brain with fuel and nutrients. Some of your brain neurotransmitters should get a nutritional boost as well from these supplements.


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