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Define Creatinine

Creatinine is the production of waste by your muscles. You can better define creatinine and its appearance by how well your kidneys are handling its disposal. Just like other unnecessary products in your body, the kidneys are able to take creatinine out of your system.

However, it is not all waste. This process starts with creatine, a vital component of muscle energy and production. When some creatine converts into this kind of waste, which is a small percentage each day, then your kidneys must flush it out. Urine and blood tests can determine whether this is happening at a normal rate.

Bodybuilders and athletes use creatine products as a supplement to their own natural production. While there are positives in their line of work to gaining extra creatine, such as less fatigue and quicker recovery time after workouts or games, there are negatives. After all, more creatine means more of the waste effects that must be taken out. If your kidneys can not handle the added waste, then it could lead to kidney stones, weight gain, digestive problems and other ailments.

If you aren't in need of the added creatine, or even if you are in sports performance training, then a holistic approach could prove more fruitful. Find fruits and vegetables that can lead to better nutrition and give you the vitamins needed for a workout. Drink plenty of water, since it is better for your kidneys to clean out waste than carbonated drinks or other beverages.

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Words from our In House Expert

dr.-dave-bordered.jpg  Dr. Dave StatesCreatinine is broken down from creatine protein that is used for many building blocks in the body.  When you get a high creatinine score you need to build up the kidneys and adrenals through natural supplementation.  Kidney support or urinary support with many different products ranging from Metagenics as well as Pure Encapsulations can easily be obtained on our site.  But you should realize that it takes time to rebuild kidney tissue and the adrenals need to be supported to live a full lifestyle.  As usual, you should drink a great deal of water to help rinse out these critical filters.

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