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Common Brain Disorders

Few things are more frightening than those that affect our cognitive function.  Our brains are the center of our thoughts, feelings and personalities.  Without a healthy brain, we become detached from our loved ones, our lives and our world.  The loss of independence that comes with common brain disorders can make patients feel angry, frustrated, depressed and helpless. 

Brain disorders affect more than just the brain.  Brain disorders have an impact on physical health, mental health, emotional health and spiritual health.  Considering these facts, it only makes sense that a whole body approach with holistic wellness would be the best course of treatment when approaching common brain disorders.  More than just treating the area of affected tissue as if it were an insular system, treating the patient’s entire well-being can bring a greater level of health and healing  to patients facing brain disorders.

When working with a holistic physician, a patient will be treated with a ground up approach that includes natural health products to support brain health, as well as the health of all systems connected to it.  Do we really know where disease originates?  Imbalance in one part of the body creates imbalance in every system of the body.  In order to truly address common brain disorders, we have to treat the disorder of the person as a whole.

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Words from Our In House Expert

dr.-dave-bordered.jpg  Dr. Dave States:
 The brain is the king pin of the nervous system and therefore the master computer.  It needs Omega 3,6,9's from Nordic naturals and lots of water enhanced with electrolytes to supply it with building blocks.  Chelation is also very important. Using products like terramin clay and detoxifing agents such as UltraClear Renew from Metagenics help the brain start working with proper function.


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