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Bone Spurs

When you hear the words “bone spur”, one automatically envision a sharp spike of bone.  Bone spurs are not necessarily spiny protrusions; but rather are just areas of extra bone.  These areas of bone form in response to stress to the area.  In the body’s attempt to protect itself, new bone forms.  With osteoarthritis, bone spurs often forms in areas where cartilage is has worn away.  Bone spurs can also form on the feet in response to the stress of running, or as a result of carrying extra body mass.  Trauma can also be the cause of bone spurs.  Trauma to the head, for example, can cause bone spurs in the vertebrae of the neck in response to blows to the head that jar the neck violently. 

Anyone who has developed bone spurs can tell you that they are very painful.  Bone spurs place pressure on surrounding bone, ligaments and vertebrae, causing significant pain upon walking, or any movement that puts pressure on the spur.  Bone spurs can cause a constant, deep, aching pain, and can even be immobilizing. 

What is not often known is that bone spurs can also have a nutritional origin.  A holistic approach to treating bone spurs will examine diet, exercise, and lifestyle as part of the treatment plan for addressing this painful condition.  Natural health products
  that support musculoskeletal health can also contribute significantly to the healing of this troublesome condition.  Speak to your natural health practitioner to develop a whole body approach to uncovering the cause of bone spurs.

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Words from Our In House Expert

dr.-dave-bordered.jpg  Dr. Dave States:
 This common problem has many different causes including trauma, overuse injury, bone irritation, and chronic injury complex.  The chemisty aspect is due to long term acidification and inflammation.  Using natural anti-inflammatory products such as chondrocare glucosamine and chondroitin with MSM.  This complex works quite well to feed the tendon or ligament complex that has become calcified.  Barley Grass is a great one for specifically working with alkalization herbally to target bone spurs.  Alkalizing agents are an excellent way to decalcify the external bone areas therefore reducing spurs.


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