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Asthma Incidences

Asthma incidences are rapidly climbing.  Sadly, it is children who are now most frequently diagnosed with this upsetting, limiting condition.   Medications to treat asthma are being doled out by the bucketful, as patients and parents of patients are desperate for relief; but what do medications do for asthma? Most often, they just mask symptoms that asthma sufferers exhibit; but they do not penetrate to the root cause of asthma. 

With asthma, sufferers are troubled by airways that suddenly constrict and spasm during attacks.  Constriction of the airways causes wheezing, shortness of breath, and tightness in the chest.  Anything that obstructs breathing can be terrifying, and asthma attacks can range from mild to lethal in severity.  Every attack feels like an emergency, and every attack could indeed become one.  Steroids, the most common treatment, can have their own unsettling side effects.  Frustrating for children, whose self esteems are in such a state of flux, is the weight gain often caused by the regular ingestion of steroid medications.

At its root, asthma is a problem of the immune system.  Prescription medications do nothing to treat this root cause.  With the holistic approach , the patient is given a ground up overhaul with the flagging immune system being bolstered by natural health products that restore the body to balance.  Rather than sentence a sufferer to a lifetime of steroids, holistic approaches to the raising of cardio-pulmonary health can work to diminish asthma incidences.


Words from Our In House Expert

dr.-dave-bordered.jpg  Dr. Dave States:
Asthma is another condition that we, the holistic wellness industry, manages differently than the medical world's approach to treating this ailment.  Knowing that the lungs become weak due to either a neurological issue or certainly dryness is important.  The holistic approach entails feeding the lungs with the building blocks that they need to be strong. The natural building blocks for the lungs are typically harvested from bovine lung tissue, therefore, giving you exactly the cellular level communication that the lungs are seeking when they are in regeneration mode. Furthermore, it is also important to  moisturize the lungs with clean vaporizers and using a humidifier.


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