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Am I ADD? This is a commonly “Googled” question. If you struggle with your ability to pay attention, sit still or remember important information, you maybe be asking yourself, “Am I ADD?”. ADD, or Attention Deficit Disorder, is often diagnosed when a particular set of symptoms is present. Difficulty paying attention, the tendency to make careless mistakes, messiness, poor focus, inability to finish tasks, disorganization, and a difficulty focusing on conversations are frequently listed among the characteristics of those suffering from ADD. But is this diagnosis a sentence? Is there no choice but to live with the disruptive effects of ADD?

Whether you are diagnosed with this disorder, or just feel harassed by the presence of these symptoms in your life, one thing is certain: holistic wellness, with special attention to brain health, can help restore balance and give you the grounding you need to start focusing on tasks and feeling more effective. Natural health and healing methods can be the key to helping your brain function better, and to help you feel more a part of life.

Poor focus, memory problems, irritability and restlessness are very disruptive to one’s ability to perform, as well as to relationships. With a holistic approach using natural health products, you can turn your life around. Restoring balance gives the agitated brain the platform it needs to begin to think more clearly, focus better and get back into life’s flow. Rather than allowing the question “Am I ADD” to be life limiting; it can be the question that leads to better health through the application of holistic wellness.

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A Word from Our In House Expert

dr.-dave-bordered.jpg Dr. Dave States:
This commonly misdiagnosed condition is strongly related to environment, diet, genetics, and heavy metal toxification.  There are many versions and variations in this particular diagnosis.  Blood sugar levels are critical in understanding the swings of energy and attention.  Regulating this with good products is fundamental to supporting the nervous system through it's primary energy source.  Doing heavy metal reduction is critical in most instances and can be done with terramin clay or heavy metal attractive nutrients.  These heavy metals can come from vaccinations, ground waters, sealife, and dental work.  Calming the nervous system and feeding the nutrients with proper oxygen and glucose regulation is key to conquering ADD.


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