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About Us

Dr. Dave and Myremedyshop.com would like to invite you to experience health!dr.-jensen.jpg

America is undergoing a dramatic shift in healthcare. Integrated medicine with a holistic approach is quickly becoming the future healthcare system and Dr. Dave’s Emporium and My Remedy Shop is leading the way toward health and healing with superior natural health products for holistic wellness... View Video

Holistic wellness using natural health products is often less expensive and more effective and produces less harmful side effects. Major institutions are doing various studies on holistic therapies including herbal remedies, bodywork, meditation and dietary changes.  More...

Healthcare for the 3rd millennium. We are revolutionizing healthcare through our advanced integral model of medicine, which consists of a comprehensive cooperative of skillfully trained doctors & therapists recommending proper nutrients and therapies . Together we address past health problems, present issues and develop a future health plan creating a WIN-WIN situation through a balanced approach to health.

The future requires a transformation of the healthcare system from sickness care to wellness care. Rather than treating the symptoms, wellness is about treating each individual as a whole. It entails mind, body and spirit. There needs to be equal respect and unification among doctors and practitioners. We are each pieces of the puzzle. The idea is to work together to facilitate the healing of the patient/client. Past problems, present issues, future concerns and goals are all integral aspects to evaluate. The idea is to identify the source of the problem and to develop a balanced program to correct it through therapies, diet, nutrition and exercise. This may be considered slow medicine but it has more substantial lasting results. Optimum wellness comes from within. It is essential to be open-minded with a positive attitude focused on solutions. Our lives reflect the choices we have made and the consequences or rewards that result. Life has limitless possibilities when you choose to take responsibility for yourself, set goals and take action steps. You cannot force others to change however when we change ourselves the world changes around us.

Cutting edge: evolving and advancing healthcare to heal from the inside out

A balanced approach to health

Integral, Comprehensive, Evolution of Healthcare, Facilitate healing from the inside out, Synergy, Cooperative, Revolutionize


Mission Statement:

Educate & empower individuals to take responsibility in regard to their healthcare


We believe we were born for a reason. Our purpose is to change healthcare. We are into health because we care. Our vision is one of wellness & prevention for people of all ages. By educating & empowering individuals to take responsibility for themselves, we help people to help themselves through a balanced approach to health. We offer an array of diverse therapies incorporating western & complimentary aspects of medicine. The best of both worlds work together to meet individual needs from potent nutriceuticals to natural products that help athletic & life enhancement. Generally, people have had to go to the large cities to find advanced methods of treatment & analysis. We are bringing cutting edge technology to you. We will set a premise of superior care & cooperation within the healthcare profession that will positively influence our great nation & the world. It is about quality of life at all ages & stages.

Come to Myremedyshop.com & learn.

Dedicated to integrative healthcare research and education to improve quality of life through wellness and prevention. Our vision is to change healthcare by bridging the gap between traditional and complementary medicine, by helping people to help themselves through a balanced approach to health.

Our next goal is the development of Full Lifestyle Integrative Programs. F.L.I.P. takes individuals and guides them to a healthy lifestyle integrating eastern and western techniques to optimize their healthcare experience and improve their quality of life. It is about personalized healthcare through a balanced approach to health.


Info about credentials

Congratulations to Dr. Dave Jensen for successfully completing the requirements to be certified as a Diplomat for the American Chiropractic Board of Sports Physicians (DACBSP). The DACBSP certification required Dr. Dave to receive 300+ hours postgraduate education, specific to evaluating physical fitness, assessment and treatment of injuries encountered in sports. In addition, Dr. Dave published a sport-related paper based on his experience with athletes at the Olympic Training Center. He also provided 100 hours of treatment to athletes outside of the clinical setting. Dr. Dave Jensen is one of only 187 elite practitioners nationally that holds this distinction. We are proud to have this outstanding sports clinician in the Roaring Fork Valley providing a balanced approach to health to our athletes and individuals of all ages 

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