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Watery Stools

Diarrhea could always be in the back of your mind while enjoying a hot and spicy meal, or any kind of food that could irritate your stomach. Sometimes the joy of having whatever you want to eat can override any consequences, even when they involve a long stay in the bathroom.

However, there could be more involved than just watery stools. Strange enough, having watery stools from diarrhea can likely mean a lack of water in your diet. In addition, you might have stool problems as an early symptom of stomach flu. Food choices to increase diarrhea don't have to just include very hot chicken wings, but could be anything with bacteria that could turn into food poisoning. Undercooked food, such as meat and fish, are examples. If it persists for more than a few days, then more might be present, such as inflammation in your intestines, or just a fever.

A key to treat any kind of diarrhea diagnosis is to remain hydrated. To maintain proper gastrointestinal health, drink plenty of water. Look into natural health products, such as mineral water, that can give you nutrients as well as the needed liquids to keep the bathroom visits to a minimum.

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Words from our In House Expert

dr.-dave-bordered.jpg   Dr. Dave States: This can be from so many different conditions that it is tough to give good advice for correction.  Understanding how sensitive a system is might be the first step to recovery.  Making sure that you have properly cleansed the intestines with one of the ultra clear products is a long term solution.  Short term might be fiber based products in the diet.  Pulling back from dairy and fatty foods is of strong interest to people with this common occurrence.


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