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Treating A Burn

There are several different types of burns.  Burns can be causes by heat, cold, friction, electricity, and even light.  For anyone who has ever sustained a burn, you know that even small burns can cause extreme pain that is very difficult to ease.  The “go to” treatment for burns, the application of ice, can actually make the burn even worse by causing damage to the nerves in the tissue.  So, when treating a burn, how can we take away the pain of these injuries, as well as encourage rapid healing?  Certain natural remedies, such as aloe vera, have been used for centuries for burns, as well as, used in modern hospitals daily.

Holistic wellness can really help when one is dealing with burned, traumatized tissue.  There are many natural health products specifically meant to help with burns that can be kept on hand.  With household burns being such a common occurrence, it’s a good idea to add some of these treatments to your medicine cabinet before you even need them. Better to be prepared than to be suffering from a painful burn and not have the treatment you need to reduce the pain and speed healing.  Speak to your holistic healthcare provider to see what they advise.

With holistic wellness, you can also use natural health products to support the body as it heals the burned area.  Oxygenating tissues can increase the speed of healing, and contribute to overall better health.  When treating a burn, the first thought is naturally to stop the pain; but beyond that, the holistic approach can also serve as the body’s best friend for overall healing.  Naturally, any serious burn will need to be seen by a doctor, but the use of time-tested natural products like aloe vera can be used when treating a burn.

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