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Symptoms of a Cold Sore

Cold sores can fester and become painful, as well as a cosmetic bother, on your lips, mouth and nose. These can be brought on by stress at work or home, and the added stress with these sores can prolong their time on your face. However, the primary reason for these sores is a result of a herpes infection.

You could get a tingling in areas days before a sore appears. Otherwise it is difficult to notice symptoms of a cold sore. They can come and go depending on the level of any herpes infection, although extended time in the sun could trigger these attacks. These red blisters are filled with fluid, can be sensitive to touch, and if bothered, can leave marks. It can take a few weeks for these sores to go away, but they will return at some point.

Cleanliness is of utmost importance when trying to avoid any illness, as well as proper health. If necessary, become selfish with your personal items — that is, no need to share items such as stick deodorant or soap. To achieve proper health at a high level, choose a holistic approach, such as better nutrition for your body.

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Words from our In House Expert

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