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Symptoms of Necrosis

Avascular necrosis can evolve from joint pain to severe bone damage. Without proper blood supply to certain large joint areas, such as the hip and shoulder, those bones deteriorate. Symptoms of necrosis might not be present until the bones at these joints become near unbearable, even if you are not using your hip or shoulder, for example.

Alcohol abuse can contribute to such problems as avascular necrosis. Excessive drinking through the years can thin the blood, which is similar to having clogged arteries going to these joint areas. While steroids might be used to enhance an athlete's performance in the short term, it can cause bone damage in the long term. Even if you are not trying to enhance your ability in the sports world, steroids used by many to help improve lack of testosterone and estrogen can also affect the joints. In addition, if you have had broken bones in the past, make sure they have healed completely. Any nagging pain from those injuries could make for a lack of bone density.

If you have diabetes, you should also take a closer look at your musculoskeletal health. It can bring on avascular necrosis, since diabetes can cause limited feeling — and eventual amputation — of limbs. Choose holistic wellness to help avoid this kind of bone death. Add foods rich in vitamins and minerals to your diet. If you're engaging in physical activity, drinking water more than sports drinks or sodas will limit your sugar intake while allowing proper blood flow to your bones.

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Words from our In House Expert

dr.-dave-bordered.jpg  Dr. Dave States: We should realize that this is obviously a blood flow problem.  Hence oxygen transport Is very much the concern.  Getting life giving nutrients to this area of restiction is key.  Many different products can help with the blood flow and vessel restructuring like L-arginine and it's benifits of nitric oxide.  Bone stimulation with acupuncture and vibration is also good to create proper activity to this energy deficient region.


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