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Split Personality Disorder

Emotional and mental issues are often very difficult to diagnosis, and to treat.  Patients who struggle with mental illness like bipolar disorder or split personality disorder often find that the layering on of various psychotropic drugs really do little to address the disruptive thoughts and feelings that come with those illnesses.  Antidepressants take away the deepest parts of the depression, but leave patients feeling flat and empty.  Medications to balance moods often have similar effects.  Also, psychotropic medications often come with a host of unpleasant side effects that only serve to make a patient feel worse about themselves in relationship to the world.

Bipolar Disorder can be very serious.  During periods of mania, a person can go beyond just feeling energized and confident to adopting behaviors that are reckless and dangerous to their well being and that of others.  During the deep dips of depression, suicide can be a risk.  And since illnesses like split personality disorder and bipolar disorder are not understood well enough, the treatments for them are often very imperfect, in constant flux, and frustrating for the patient who just wants to live a full, peaceful life free of a medicine cabinet bulging with imperfect ‘cures’. 

The holistic approach can offer sufferers of these kinds of mental illnesses new hope.  Through the use of natural health products , patients can naturally curtail disruptive mania without losing the fullness of their emotions.  They can also lift the flagging spirits of depression through a whole body approach to complete wellness.  Exploring natural medicine with a trusted practitioner can open up new doors of health and healing to those struggling with illnesses like split personality disorder.

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Words from Our In House Expert

dr.-dave-bordered.jpgDr. Dave States: This disorder can be caused from a number of different neurological conditions.  Heavy metal poisoning is typically blamed for the condition coming from either vaccinations or water intake from non filtered water.  Many different neurotransmitters need to be in abundance to keep a healthy balance in our brain.  We carry multiple products on our website that have essential supplements required to build healthy neural and brain tissue.





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