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Renal Dysfunction

Renal dysfunction is becoming more common due to the modern diet and food production methods that strip enzymes and minerals from the food we eat. The kidneys are important to the body because they are the organs that remove waste products and balance the salt and electrolytes in the blood.   When their capacity is diminished or halted toxins build in the blood and without intervention death can occur. It is important to keep an eye on symptoms of renal dysfunction because it can quickly lead to a condition called acute renal failure (when the kidneys stop working). Renal failure can be caused by an injury to the kidneys, damage from medications or infections, blockage due to a stone or tumor, or decreased blood flow. Protecting your kidneys is important to your health. Renal distress has symptoms that are not always obvious as they mimic other ailments. Weight gain, sluggishness, skin discoloration, and a change in menstruation are all symptoms of poorly working kidneys, as well as, other diseases and condition.

Issues with the kidneys also look very much like issues with that other cleansing organ, the liver. Both organs produce necessary hormones that are required by the human body. Determining kidney and liver health is best done by seeing a doctor who can diagnose any potential issues you may have.

A holistic approach to all disease treatment is to treat the entire body. Proactive wellness programs and lifestyle changes can certainly diminish risk. Using supplements that support kidney health can minimize the risk of future issues with the kidneys, and reduce your chances of having a more serious and life-threatening problem resulting from renal dysfunction.


A Word from Our In House Expert

dr.-dave-bordered.jpg Dr. Dave States:
When we talk about renal failure you must realize that things have progressed for many years of overworking or abusing the kidneys.  First you need to start to think about feeding the kidney the building blocks that it needs that you might not get from a balanced diet.  Many of these building blocks are available from the brands Metagenics and Pure Encapsulations.  Long term rebuilding is one way to approach this condition but when it is serious enough it should be treated only by your physician. 




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