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Relating to the Kidneys

Chronic kidney disease is like a garbage disposal company on strike. Since the workers are not picking up your trash, it is left piling up in bags around your house. If not disposed of properly, it can harm the look of your property, as well as leave unpleasant odors.

Your kidneys help take out your body's trash. With time, your kidneys can lose some of their function to get rid of waste and excess water. It can take years before you notice the symptoms of chronic kidney disease. Foods that can raise your cholesterol level, as well as carbonated and sugar-based beverages, can hinder the work of your kidneys.

With a build up of waste, or any problem relating to the kidneys, you can have a loss of appetite, fatigue, headaches and general irritability. Other diseases, such as diabetes, can also bring on complications relating to the kidneys, since sugar levels are usually higher in the body.

When you change to a lifestyle of holistic wellness, then you can find different options to help restore normal kidney function. Make water your new best friend, since it is the best way to flush out your system and relieve yourself of waste and any kinds of toxins.

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Words from our In House Expert

dr.-dave-bordered.jpg   Dr. Dave States: The kidneys are the filters of the body and can become tiredn therefore lessening the ability to filter properly.  Feeding the kidneys the nutrition that they need is required to filter adequately.  Kidney support formula from Pure Encapsulations is a necessity for starters.  l-Arginine 90's is also a great way to feed the vessels that the kidneys use to push fluid through, and is a great way to make it easier for the kidneys to filter.  Sesamin is also another natural product that is great for the kidneys.  It has been also noted that dark cherries are good for kidneys and filtering Uric acid.


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