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Living with Arrythmia

There's a rhyme and reason behind every heartbeat. When there is any change to that process, it can be cause for concern, and could become arrhythmia. You heart will beat more when in distress or exerting physical energy, such as athletic participation. The amount of beats can be lowered when in more sedentary positions, such as lounging on the couch and watching television. Either way, better health can maintain the needed heartbeats to maintain your life.

No matter your activity, or inactivity, arrhythmia could change how your heart beats, even in irregular patterns. Problems with blood flow or clogged arteries could become causes of arrhythmia, and serious cases could result in cardiac arrest or lead to stroke. However, there are many cases of people living with arrhythmia who can cope well and live healthy lives.

To ensure a healthy life with arrhythmia, find a way to use holistic wellness. Allow your mind to experience all that's great in life without worry about any difference in your heartbeat. Look for physical activities that can help your endurance and stamina, but not ones that could bring on overexertion. You could take a walk with your dog, plant some flowers or plan some spring cleaning in your house. Yoga exercises could also help your mind relax as well as improve your body's overall functions.

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Words from our In House Expert

dr.-dave-bordered.jpg   Dr. Dave States: This is typically due to an electrical issue such as nervous system irritation in both the cardiac system which helps feed the heart, and the electical system that feeds the energy to the heart.  Give your body great nutrients like L-arginine and CoQ 10 to feed the heart what it needs, as well as electrolytes to keep the chemistry in check.



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