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Feelings of Anxiety

An anxiety/panic attack can occur when you have too much happening at once. Some are good at such crisis management, or just juggling many tasks at one time. If it is panic, it could involve thinking you are in danger via heart attack, car accident, or just meeting a number of new faces at a party. It can turn you into an introvert to stop any hurt associated with such anxiety, or fall to ground screaming for help. The world might be spinning all around you, and you're unable to make it stop.

The feelings of anxiety can hold you back from living your life. It could also mean that you might need to lessen your load of tasks and responsibilities. Many times you can't avoid certain stresses in life — your job, spouse and children as examples — but you can work to better manage stress along with the trials and tribulations of life. After all, many of these things shouldn't come as stresses, but as the interests and people that make you happy.

This is where a holistic approach can best suit your needs. Spend a few minutes each day for yourself, whether it's in silence or listening to your favorite song. Once you feed your mind's need to relax, even for a few minutes, then you can better hold down any anxiety or panic attack.

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Words from our In House Expert

dr.-dave-bordered.jpg  Dr. Dave States: Create an outlet for the energy that has built up inside. This outlet could be exercise, or a form of drill in which you can release all the excess energy.  Using supplements like magnesium and calming herbs to let the body recover on a cellular level.  Stay away from excessive stimulant drinks and ginseng based products.  Exercise is key!



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