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Family Planning

Break down the word contraception, and it explains the meaning: contra means against, while conception means becoming pregnant. For this to happen, couples engaging in sexual activity must uses various devices to lower the chances of pregnancy. This is called birth control, or contraceptives, and can be done before, during or after sexual intercourse.

There are many different avenues to take for contraception. For starters, you must talk to your partner about family planning. No matter what you use to try and stop pregnancy, when you are engaging in sexual intercourse, it is always a possibility. Each method of birth control has a general range of effectiveness, from male and female condoms and pills to devices places in the uterus, injections and surgeries. Surgical options, such as vasectomy, is practically the surest thing to prevent pregnancy.

You and your partner have to look deeper than how well one product works compared to another. Different contraceptives have different side effects when it comes to womens health, and it could have a negative impact on your overall health. To better minimize these effects, choose a holistic approach. You can figure out when you're more fertile and abstain from sex during those times. While it concerns holding out for a stretch, it would also avoid taking substances that could react negatively with your body.

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Words from our In House Expert

dr.-dave-bordered.jpg  Dr. Dave States: Once again good ole' abstinence is the primary natural choice, but if you have to play you will probably have to pay.  Condoms and diaphrams are a strong second choice in this protective game.  There are a few different herbs that can lower the fertility factor, but nothing is for sure not even the medical "pill".




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