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Eating Disorder Signs

Eating disorder signs can come when you are eating more or less than what you need for proper nourishment. These habits could come from a lack of self-esteem about your body, where instead of prioritizing other activities of your day, such as work, family, and others, you care much more about food and weight.

It can become a vicious cycle, where you might binge eat because you're sad, and you're sad because you binge eat. Talking to family and friends could help you understand there is more to help you through mental ailments, such as depression, than food. Of course, this can also go in the opposite direction, where you succumb to society's pressures to become very thin. This lack of eating could also involve self-inflicting vomiting to negate even small portions of food eaten. If you have anorexia, an obsession with being thin, then you could suffer from a bad self-image, dehydration, dry skin, and for women, missing menstruations.

Genetics could also be a factor of an eating disorder, if your parents also had a similar disorder. There are medical foods that could surround you with help and a holistic approach, such as lean meat and fish.

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Words from our In House Expert

dr.-dave-bordered.jpg   Dr. Dave States: Anorexia nervosa and Bulimia are both very serious and should be worked with from a loving, nurturing place to help build the self image of the individual suffering from this condition.  Proper nutrition is a key component,  making sure that the individual is using and ingesting vitamins and minerals in addition to a normal food pyramid diet.  Giving purpose and positive self image reinforcement are of the utmost importance.


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