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Define Bursitis

Bursitis can bring about intense pain, especially when your muscles and bones are more susceptible to injury. Imagine being a football player with pads that are cracked or worn down. Without such protection in a full contact sport, it is likely you will suffer prolonged pain from even the most common tackles.

Bursae are those pads, filled with fluid, that are between your muscles, bones and tendons. They ease your joints, and when they are inflamed, they can define bursitis. It is more common to have bursitis in manual labor activities, as well as playing sports, when your joints are in extended use. But it is also possible when you are doing simpler tasks, such as writing pages of notes for a class. Certain locations where bursitis can occur include the shoulders, hips and elbows. For example, tennis elbow is an inflammation that can be traced to bursitis, so you will really want to avoid overdoing it on the tennis court.

When it comes to joint care, you can turn to holistic wellness. The most effective and inexpensive way to either prevent or lessen bursitis is rest. Find the affected areas and give them time to heal, or even massage them if possible.

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Words from our In House Expert

dr.-dave-bordered.jpg  Dr. Dave States
: Bursitis is a condition of inflammation specifically on the upper or outer part of the joint.  Natural inflammatory products such as Traumeel and Inflavonoid Intensive Care are remedies that are great for de-inflamming the joint space.  Fish oils from Nordic Naturals, EPA/DHA, and Omega 3,6, and 9 combinations are good for the lubrication of these joints and help greatly.



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