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Croup Disease

Croup is much more than resulting in Darth Vader-styled cough. However, the croup disease does not have to be your father.

Instead, it is a pattern of illnesses that can affect airways, such as the vocal cords, windpipe and tubes emanating from the lungs. This ailment is more common in children, who have less developed immune systems, but can happen to anyone. Croup disease can happen through the common cold, flu or asthma. It is similar to chicken pox in that it's highly contagious.

If your child has started to feel a sore throat, then it could be more than just a cold. It could last up to a week, and your child could make sounds that are similar to the iconic Star Wars character. Rest is always crucial to feel better, as well as speaking less to rest the vocal cords. It is also important to make sure your child is breathing properly through the night, since a severe case could clog the windpipe.

To aid the treatment of croup disease, as well as aid your cardiovascular health, try a holistic approach. You can expose your child to steam from the bathroom after a shower, since the steam could alleviate any problems breathing. Even cold water or cool air can calm down any effects from the infection.

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Words from our In House Expert

dr.-dave-bordered.jpg   Dr. Dave States
: Croup is typically a childhood problem, but should be treated the same way in adults.  It is a necessity to moisturize the lungs with both humidity and proper water intake.  Colloidal silver is an important supplement to inhale through a nebulizer in an effort to manage any bacterial growth that might be happening within the lung.



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