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Connective Tissue Diseases

There are many disorders tied to connective tissue disease, which would make sense when you take a closer look at the disease. This is the glue that gives tissues its look and strength. The tissues, as a result, become the framework of our body, similar to our bone structure. Some of the disorders that can come from connective tissue diseases have to do with abnormalities in cells and tissues, as well as arthritis and lupus.

Sometimes these diseases can cause the immune system to overreact, and therefore work harder than needed. What comes from this overload of activity is a major flow of antibodies. While antibodies can be good for you, too many can make for changes in the blood. That could pave the way for harming certain molecules of tissues, like elastin. Like a rubber band, elastin can stretch and then return back to its original form, and is vital to ligaments.

You can experience general muscle and joint pains that can be directed back to this disease, or the many disorders tied to it. If you are experiencing problems because of tissue problems, then you need to restore good musculoskeletal health. Turn to a holistic approach, such as fruits and vegetables, to give your immune system more nutrients to continue defending against diseases.

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Words from our In House Expert

dr.-dave-bordered.jpg  Dr. Dave States: When you get degeneration of the connective tissues you have to ask why?  The reason is that the connective tissue is not receiving the nutrients that it needs to perform.  Fish oils that are pure act as a lubricant and help provide nutrients essential for increasing the elasticity of these tissues.




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