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Conjunctivitis might be a difficult word to say, but it is easier to spot what it looks like, so it is regularly called by the description: pink eye. It is a common eye disease in children, and can spread almost as easy as chicken pox. Pink eye is an infection of a layer of tissue that covers the white part of the eye. In essence, conjunctivitis harms the eye's ozone layer.

The spring season can bring about pink eye, since you can suffer from allergies such as from pollen. It can bring on irritation to your eyes, and repeated rubbing can be the final ingredient for pink eye. Check for excess tearing, swollen eyelids and possibly some white discharge coming out of one or both eyes. Allergies aren't always the cause of pink eye, since it could come as a reaction to wearing contact lenses.

It is important to always clean your lenses, and to take them out during long periods of rest. Do not share your personal care items, such as contacts, so you can better maintain proper eye health. While pink eye is usually a minor infection, added irritation can bring on more problems. There are natural health products available to help, such as chamomile tea bags. Place a cool, moist bag on each closed eye for 10 minutes for effective healing.


Words from our In House Expert

dr.-dave-bordered.jpg  Dr. Dave States: This problem of the eyelid and its inner lining is due to either excessive dryness or irritation to the soft tissues surrounding the eye.  There are many different natural eye rinses available to irrigate the eye and properly clean it.  Feeding the body proper enzymes and nutrients specific for the eyes and the fluid that lubricates them is also needed to manage this problem.  

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