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Clouding of the Lens

To get rid of cataracts is to move from standard, yet grainy, definition to high definition television. Your vision is impaired by a cataract, which is like a cloud hovering around your eyes. With this condition, you are losing the sharpness and clarity needed to better see the people and places in your life.

Most people with cataracts are senior citizens. Much like a camera lens can get dirty and dusty with little care and use, your eyes can go through the same process. On the other end, excessive eye use in sunlight or around other bright objects can bring about these impairments, as well as any eye injuries.

Cataracts can be linked to diabetes, and while many cases are in older people, you can get them from birth. While they can be small at first, you should always take the proper measures, such as regular eye exams, to avoid any cataract progression. The clouding of the lens can materialize into serious vision problems if not treated.

While some will look at cataract surgery to deal with the problem, you can nip it much earlier without the heavy expense through a holistic approach. A diet rich in vegetables and food with antioxidants — and don't forget the carrots — can make a big difference in maintaining your eyes at a high definition.

Words from our In House Expert

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