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Chicken Pox Disease

Chicken pox disease might elicit memories — and not so good ones — of your childhood. It has since become more prevalent in adults. Those itchy spots that form across your body can be easily passed, even through a harmless handshake. Even with adult cases, the infection still more often affects children. Vaccines, however, are available. 

Blisters can first form on your face before spreading throughout your body, even in your mouth and on eyelids. More than 100 of these blisters can form, and it is important to avoid touching these affected areas. The general irritability of these spots can make the urge to scratch greater, however. Steer clear of tight clothing and any outdoor elements, such as humid summer weather, that could further irritate the blisters.

Any kind of rash could be the start of the chicken pox disease. If you are an adult with chicken pox, getting rid of it is just the first step, since it can cause shingles. Herbal remedies could include oatmeal baths, and is a good way to act on holistic wellness.

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Words from our In House Expert

dr.-dave-bordered.jpg  Dr. Dave States
: This long term health threat has been around for centuries.  Making the body build its own antibodies against this viral attack is key. Whether you choose to fight it naturally or by immunization, which has its own risks, are an important decision to concider. You can find many immune system boosting supplements on the market and here on My Remedy Shop. The key to successfully avoiding this disease is to maintain a healthy and strong immune system.


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