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Canker Sores

Any irritation in the mouth or gums, whether or not due to canker sores, can make life uncomfortable. We use our mouths in many ways every day, such as talking, singing, eating and drinking. When there is any pain that affects those necessary functions, then you can't avoid it. Just to brush your teeth with a sore on the gums can be a tough process that can bring you to tears based on the amount of pain.

There is no real cause for canker sores, although daily stress can be pinpointed as one potential reason. These sores can also be located on the lip or tongue. Certain acidic foods or drinks, such as oranges, can also prompt canker sores or worsen the problem. They can last for a week or longer, depending on whether you have had them before, but they are different from cold sores. A cold sore could be the result of a case of herpes, for example.

There are different rinses you can use to gargle, or acidic foods and drinks to avoid, to help get rid of canker sore. You can also try a holistic approach, such as eating foods rich in nutrients and not processed fillers or artificial flavors. Sometimes there are the elements that can bring on such painful ailments as canker sores.

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Words from our In House Expert

dr.-dave-bordered.jpg    Dr. Dave States:
Helping the body fight this viral aspect imbedded into the nervous system of the human body will be key to metabolizing it's agents.  Products such as Zinc A.G. from Metagenics ia a great way to oxidize these immune attackers.  L-lysine is an essential amino acid that will metabolize the virus also.




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