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Cancer in General

Cancer in general affects every single person on Earth, and is the second leading cause of death in America. There's a good chance you could deal with a form of cancer in your lifetime, and almost certain a loved one will need treatment for a form of cancer. It can affect anything on your body, from your bones, lungs, breasts, prostate, throat, brain, colon and everything in between.

Body cells are like the foundation of a building. Cancer in general would try and place structures too large for the foundation to stand. It's too much to handle, which would cause the foundation to crumble, thus the entire structure is destroyed. Cells in your body keep growing at too quick a rate, and you're unable to stop them from harming organs and tissues. As a result, you can have tumors where the cell production is at its height.

There are many types of cancer, and five different stages of progression. If you detect it early, then it could fall under stage 0 or 1, where it is in an initial stage and easier to treat or put in remission. Stages 3-4 means it has likely spread to affect different parts of your body, such as vital organs. There are different options for treatment, such as radiation and chemotherapy.

It is important to have immune system protection to keep any kind of disease away from your body. This should include good health and healing. Listen to your body's aches and pains, and set up a physical with your doctor each year. That can make for an early diagnosis if any cancer has evolved.

Product Category RecommendationImmune System Protection  (See Dr. Dave's comments, below).

Words from our In House Expert:

dr.-dave-bordered.jpg  Dr. Dave States: As we review the status of research on Cancer, it is obvious that we in the medical profession are wrestling with a dread disease that can appear at any time, and take many forms.  At this time the medical profession, be it Western Medicine OR Alternative Medicine, does not have an answer to the specific causes of the various types of Cancer, nor has anyone of any discipline provided a remedy or vaccine that will prevent cancer.   Since we do not have a recommended prevention thearpy for Cancer, it follows that the industry has focused time, financial resources and energy on providing medications and surgical procedures to limit the damage, and hopefully, provide a remission of the disease in the patient.

There have been many studies, some conflicting, that seem to indicate that protecting yourself against various runaway cells, (I.E., Cancer) is a matter of providing your body with proper exercise and nutrition and avoiding environmental pollutants that are known/suspected (E.G., Asbestos) to cause this disease.   Our mission is to arm you with information to help you evaluate what is known about the disease and to provide recommendations for healthy supplements to keep your body in tip-top shape.


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