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Bronchitis Virus

A deep, hard hacking cough that persists for weeks is the hallmark of the bronchitis virus.   Anyone who has suffered from it is familiar with the hard, deep coughing that wracks the body, day and night.  It is exhausting and painful.  After a bout with bronchitis, a patient often has an aching chest and ribcage from the stress of the deep and constant coughing.  A bronchitis cough can also be very distressing, and downright frightening, as it can be so violent that the patient has a hard time catching their breath during and after coughing spells.

Bronchitis is a viral infection that causes pain and swelling in the bronchial tubes that carry air through the lungs.  Though it is a virus, it is oddly often treated with antibiotics.  Antibiotics are completely ineffective against viruses, so patients diligently take their medication without seeing any relief.  Leaving bronchitis untreated can cause it to linger on, and often return.  Untreated bronchitis can also lead to pneumonia.  So, if the most common treatment, antibiotics, is ineffective, what can a person suffering from bronchitis do?

Tackling the bronchitis virus with a holistic approach can stop bronchitis in its tracks and strengthen the body to prevent repeated infections.  By addressing bronchitis with natural health products  designed to purge this illness from the body, a patient can see and feel the results of increased health and healing.  In fact, there are certain herbal extracts that have been clinically proven to be effective against the bronchitis virus, which is not something that can be said for antibiotics.  Whenever you are working with ailments of the respiratory tract it is helpful to work both clinically and holistically—especially when dealing with something as invasive and destructive as the bronchitis virus.

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Words from Our In House Expert

dr.-dave-bordered.jpg  Dr. Dave States
: Bronchitis is essentially caused by  weakend and dry lungs. This ailment in the lungs is also associated to either the climate, exercise or the lack of exercise. Providing your lungs the building blocks they need with herbal remedies like pneumo carotene from metagenics is a great supplement that will help lungs build good tissue.(N-Acetyl-l-Cysteine) from Pure Encapsulations is also a quality supplement that has a high affinity to lung tissue and will help rebuild the lungs and their functional tissues.


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