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Body Cysts

Cysts could be any kind of bump or lump that forms in or on your body. Not all of them can be dangerous, and people at any age could have them. From wear and tear on your body to infections and tumors, these swellings can get their beginnings from a variety of reasons.

You can relate cysts to a barnacle that attaches itself to the underwater portion of a deck. To some, it could become nothing more than a nautical talking point, but it could also rob the wood of its life span — more so when they multiply. In some cases, it might not produce any symptoms other than a small rising on your body, which might prompt some itching.

You might have heard of one’s inside your body, such as ovarian cysts, but there are also more common body cysts you might encounter. Those include ones around joints and tendons, or even behind the knee, in addition to your face or neck. Again, these could bring on itching, or more serious afflictions, such as arthritis. Even what appears to be a boil could instead be the origins of a body cyst.

You need to ensure that you have immune system protection to keep the onset of these swellings at a minimum. Since it's hard to avoid them at all costs, turn to natural health products to aid your cause. Food rich in vitamin C could help reduce the bacteria that can flare up and form these risings.

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Words from our In House Expert

dr.-dave-bordered.jpg  Dr. Dave States: This problem is typically a side product of over acidification or high levels of sugar for a sustained period prior to diagnosis.  Cysts should always be checked by a physician to ensure that they are not serious.  Most cysts will start due to irritation to tissue or scar tissue formation.  You must making sure that your body is well alkalized. There are specific products which will help reduce scar tissue formation.


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